H Edition Issue 11

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‘I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.’ – Jimmy Dean‘‘

We hope you agree that this month’s issue is an interesting one. A few years ago, I met an amazing property billionaire, Andreas Panayiotou. I dreamt that one day I would work with him. That dream became a reality this month. I called and he agreed to be exclusively interviewed for H Edition Magazine.

Andreas, Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Ability Group, made a major strategic call in 2006/7 to sell the approximately 7,000 residential units he had built up, mostly in London. People who call this lucky are missing the point, it would still have been the right decision even if the credit crisis hadn’t hit. Outwardly, he is very much the alpha male: tall, trim and confident, with tailor-made suits and a designer watch, yet he talks to a remarkable degree about modesty and staying grounded.

His business intuition is finely tuned and what he has achieved at such a young age is impressive. Read the full article on pages 24-27.

Business is such a wonderful thing: communicating, sharing thoughts, collaborating and empowering one another, we work with such superb individuals and companies and this month we bring you a full magazine dedicated to Business, Economy, News, Property, Luxury and more.

This month we are also partnered with two very exclusive events. The first one, in Monaco, as media partners of Top Marques Supercar Show from April 16th-19th. Book your tickets now! In addition we will also be present at The Luxury London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show at Old Billingsgate and St Katharine’s Dock from April 8th-10th.

Next month we bring you H Edition Luxury. Make sure you pick up a copy!

Editor: Dina Aletras