H Edition Issue 9

Read this issue onlineWhen we sat around the table as a team to discuss February’s issue, I couldn’t help thinking about an article I had read featuring an amazing astronaut by the name of Samantha Cristoforetti.

Samantha is the first Italian/European lady in space. Like all astronauts she has multiple skills and qualifications, she is a Captain in the Italian air force, having graduated as a fighter pilot in 2005, she has completed 500 hours in six different types of military aircraft, and she is fluent in Italian, English, German, French and Russian. I am impressed by her intelligence and her passion to find a way to make our planet a better place. She is researching how bone tissue is affected by microgravity. The results could help the medical world dramatically. Samantha is currently living on the International Space Station as part of her Futura mission and will be in space until May 2015.  She regularly tweets from space using the hashtag #helloearth. Many of us wish upon a star – this amazing lady has gone one step further in trying to reach hers. Read the full interview on page 22.

We also embrace Mindfulness on pages 56 & 57. Sebastien Nienaber is founder of Profuse29 which offers contemporary and science-driven Mindfulness courses to busy Londoners. He is also heading Hacking Happiness, a next generation media conference on Wellbeing and Performance. I studied Mindfulness after a burnout and have learnt that taking time for one’s self is imperative to leading a happier, more productive, life. I use my Mindfulness techniques often, allowing myself to fully live ‘in the here and now’.  Watch out for Sebastian, he has been featured in many of the UK’s leading tabloids over the last few months and no doubt you will be seeing and hearing more of him – just remember you heard it here first.

Luxury is a section we relish preparing for you and this month we showcase the G650 private jet -forget getting back any change from $65 million dollars. If you’re impatient, order now as the first releases will be in 2017.

The Kulm Hotel in St Moritz celebrates 150 years in business this year and Geoffrey Dean writes a glorious piece on its well respected grandeur and presence in one of the world’s leading locations.

Last but not least, we were so excited when the news came in that we could interview Marcus Wareing that I fell off my chair!  Marcus is a culinary genius and, after winning our hearts on Masterchef, I am thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with the man himself.

Enjoy the read.

Dina Aletra