H Edition August 2014

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This issue, for me, is a testament to those individuals that take the time to educate us. Throughout 1000’s of years, professors have been a special kind of person, taking time away from oneself, to share their thoughts on the world and our children.

Our team took time in thinking about who we really wanted to contribute to this issue and, fortunately for us, a wonderful intern arrived by the name of Beatrice Fabris from Georgetown University, USA, who immediately took the role in contacting professors that had inspired her.

Dr Peter Cirenza talks about ‘The institutionalisation of the Us subprime mortgage industry on page 12-13, an article which certainly gets to the point of the matter.

Professor Peter Oppenheimer was, until April 2000, Tutor in Economics (partially specialising in international finance and trade), thereafter President of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish studies, until his retirement in September 2008, shares his view on Oxford as a business on pages 14-15.

Without fail our main cover story on page 10 is dedicated to the greatest Professor of the 21st century, Professor Stephen hawking, a continued vital force in world science and a legendary figure in his field.

Haydn squibb, our in house features writer, shares her journey aboard the Orient Express on pages 18-19 and draws us in on how breath taking, opulent and glamorous the whole experience was from start to finish. Not bad for a 24 year old to have had this insight in to travelling on one of the greatest trains in history!

We also have the pleasure of introducing the Chairman of the British Monarchist society, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, to the magazine this month. Mr. Mace-Archer-Mills will be writing a monthly column in H Edition from the summer based on Royal news around the world.

I wish you a pleasant summer holiday period and look forward to seeing you all again in September when our theme is based on the Arts.

Dina Aletra, Editor