Michael Serwa is the most sought after and highest paid life coach in the country

Michael Serwa is the most sought after and highest paid life coach in the country. His clients range from heads of Mayfair law firms and CEOs of energy companies, to entrepreneurs and sports-stars turned businessmen, who pay up to £35k per year for 24/7 access to his ‘no BS’ brutally honest coaching style and network of experts.

You’re originally from Poland. Why did you choose London and how did you get into life coaching?

I always wanted to be the best at something. Being the best in Poland typically means you are only the best in Poland. Whereas being the best at something in London often means being one of the best (if not the best) in the world. I don’t care about being a big fish in a small pond. I care about being a big fish in a big pond. I also genuinely like London and British people – which helps a lot. After a year in London and at the age of 23, I discovered personal development. For a few years I worked hard on myself and then at 27 I discovered life coaching. It was a way to turn my passion – personal development – into a career. I never looked back after that. I love what I do and I love who I do it with.

What does life coaching involve?

Life coaching is about helping people to identify and achieve their goals – whatever they might be. It actually originated from sports coaching, so life coaches work with their non-athlete clients in a similar way to sport coaches with athletes. Where therapy and counselling takes people from a dysfunctional to functional level, we take people from functional to an exceptional level. Coaching is both future and action oriented.

Could you tell me more about your ‘no BS’  approach?

My coaching style is very direct. I’m often the only person in my clients’ lives who can call them out on their bullshit. The only person who has the balls to be brutally honest with them. The only person who can make them see what they cannot see themselves.

What does your client application process involve?

I am very clear on this – I only work with winners. I work with people who either are successful already, or at the very least, have firmly decided to become successful. These are often CEOs of multibillion pound companies, or other high net worth individuals, and I attract this type of clientele because we are at the same point in our career; I am the top of my game and so are they. We can relate to each other, we move in the same circles and I understand their challenges, where other life coaches might not. I turn away those who aren’t a good fit; those I know I would struggle to deliver a remarkable result with. The only way I can assure a very high success rate is by only working with ‘my people’. My people are inspiring, committed and also fun – I need to enjoy spending time with them.

How have you become the highest paid life coach in the UK? Why are clients willing to pay up to £35,000 for your services?

First and foremost, I actually decided to become the highest paid life coach in the UK. Most people never decide, they just wish and hope, but it was a decision I made. That was the easy bit. Then I worked my arse off for five and a half years. In the first two and a half years, I didn’t take a day off, let alone a holiday. I’m hungrier and more aggressive than most coaches, and that allowed me to achieve more than most coaches ever will. I am the first choice for CEOs and other high net worth individuals because I’m their life coaching equivalent. I live like them and I think like them. I’m well-versed in the language of success and winning; I understand its joys and its pains the way they do. I also have zero interest in improving people’s lives, I want to transform them. Just like many of them are happy to spend tens of thousands of pounds for the best watches, for instance, they’re happy to pay up to £35,000 to work with the best coach in the country.

Does the life coaching actually work; what results have you seen from your clients?

The only time life coaching doesn’t work is when the client doesn’t work. When most people first come to me, they score themselves between four and six out of ten on a scale of general happiness. We take that to around eight out of ten. It’s measurable and works every time.

What does happiness mean to you, is this something that can be measured?

During initial consultations with potential clients, I ask them to score themselves out of 10 on 25 areas of life – zero being extremely dissatisfied and 10 being extremely satisfied. Anything you can think of will fall into one of those categories. The last category is general happiness. I have run around 1,000 consultations to date and 99% of the time, the general happiness score is the exact average of all the other scores.  And as for me personally, happiness comes from satisfaction across all areas of life, such as love life, career, work-life balance and self-confidence.

Have you had any difficult clients that you’ve considered giving up on?

Difficult? Yes. Give up? Absolutely not. I thrive on difficult. I love it. And I certainly don’t give up easily. I chased Olivija, my beautiful girlfriend, for a year and half before she agreed to go out with me. I apply the same perseverance to my coaching. I’m like a dog with a bone. I do whatever it takes.

Have you found one common issue amongst your clients?

A lack of fulfilment and happiness despite often huge financial success is something I deal with a lot.

Are there any specific client stories that you are proud of?

Many. My ultimate favourite though is still the one where a client got married as a result of working with me. And that was in addition to changing her career, which was something else she came to me for. At the wedding, she introduced me to her mother as ‘Michael – the reason we’re all here today’.

For those who are looking for their happiness, what one piece of advice would you offer?

Get a coach. Just like a serious athlete wouldn’t even entertain an idea of not having a coach, you shouldn’t either if you’re serious about winning in this game of life. If you’re happy you win, if you’re not you lose – no matter how much money you make. There are many great coaches out there to suit your needs and personality type. Coaching changes lives.

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